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Setting Up Your Money Machine

This module is an exciting one. Here, you will be looking to build your Niche Site / Blog. In this module, you will get to see the “Ready Built” sites that I have developed for you. As a subscribed member, you are entitled to select from one of the packages that are available.

You will learn about selecting a domain and specifically, how you can gain a huge advantage by selecting a domain that already has authority and a huge SEO advantage

You will also learn how to create content that will stand head and shoulders above your competition to give you yet another powerful component of an unstoppable “Money Machine”.

3.1 Your Domain

In this video you will learn about the domain. You will need a domain for your site to sit on. You will learn how to come up with a domain name and how to buy one. This process is for purchasing a brand new domain


Domain Registrar Mentioned in the Video: GoDaddy
Shopify Domain Name Generator: Domain Name Generator

3.2 Buying An Aged Authority Domain

In this video you will learn about aged domains and the reason why you might want to purchase an aged domain for your website as opposed to a brand new domain. There is a big advantage of having an aged authority domain for your site, and that is because it is easier to rank in Google. This video goes into detail of why and how you find such an aged domain


PDF Showing The Filter Settings You Should Apply In Spamzilla

3.3 Spamzilla Filter Settings

This PDF shows screenshots of the filter settings you should use to find the most relevant domains with the metrics you need as a minimum


3.4 Hosting Your Domain & Blog

In this video you will learn about hosting. You need hosting so that your website / blog appears on the internet. You will discover which hosting to get, how to set up the server and how to point your domain to the server so that you can start to build your site


Recommended Hosting Service: DreamHost

DreamHost Nameservers

3.5 Setting Up Your DreamHost Server

This video provides an over the shoulder view of how to set up your DreamHost VPS server. All you need to do is follow the training in the previous video and apply it to this server.


Recommended Hosting Service: DreamHost

DreamHost Nameservers

3.6 Adding A “Ready Built” Site To Your Server

This document shows the simple step by step process of adding one of the Money Online Blueprint (MOB) “Ready Built” websites to your server. If you are not using one of the MOB “Ready Built” websites, you can skip this document.

The document / instructions are based on the DreamHost VPS server that I recommend. If you have a different server, you will need to ask your server support on how to add the website zip file to your server. Each server may be different in the process, but the installation of your site should still be straightforward.


“Done For You” Installation Service

If this all sounds too daunting for you, we can do the entire set up for you. From pointing your domain servers right through to adding the account to your server and installing the “Ready Built” website package.

If you would like us to do this for you, please click on the button below and purchase the service. We have kept the cost as low as possible. 

Installation Cost Just $39

3.7 Designing Your Site & Layout

This video overviews the design & layout of the Money Online Blueprint “Done For You” pre-built sites that are fully optimized and configured ready for you to add your content. They are WordPress sites built on the outstanding WP Optimal theme


Sample Sites

Online Tools
Free Resize Images Service
Privacy Policy Content Generator
Terms & Conditions Policy Generator
Disclaimer Policy Generator

Done For You Pre Built Site on WP Optimal
Recommended Feature Post Image Size For Ready Built Sites:
800px Wide x 550px High

3.8 The Content Structure Of Your Site

This video is teaching you to come up with 5 or 6 categories for your site. It is important to structure your site into topics or categories so that you are able to keep your posts on topic and so that you don’t stray away from your targeted niche for example

You will also learn how to find ideas of what to write about within your categories

3.9 Getting Your Blog to Perform on Google

This video teaches how to get your site to perform on Google. You will learn how to optimize the content of your posts so that your articles are relevant for your main search phrases in Google.

You will also learn about how to focus your posts on ultra-targeted topics. Ultra-targeted topics will rank far easier than topics that are not ultra-targeted


KWFinder Software

3.10 On Page Optimization Template

This PDF lays out an example page of how you optimize and what you do to optimize the content on the web page / post. This PDF details the optimization that was covered in the previous video and is provided as a reference


3.11 Recommended Plugins

WordPress plugins can be irresistible things to add to your site. However, you should be careful about what you add to your site in order to get functionality. The more plugins you have, the slower your site is going to be.

In this PDF, you will see a list of important plugins and other recommended plugins. If you are using the WP Optimal theme / Pre Made site templates, you won’t need to install some of those plugins because the functionality is built into the theme. Those plugins are tagged “Not required with WP Optimal”


3.12 Branding Yourself and Your Blog

This video helps you create your sites brand and provides examples and direction to assist you to create your brand. The video teaches you how to ensure that your brand is seen as a quality one so that people see and know you as a quality site.


Fiverr – Outsourcing Service

3.13 The Content You Deliver

This video outlines the 3 types / styles of blog you could create. These are: –
Personal Blog | Professional Personal Blog | Expert Blog
You will see examples of each of the 3 styles so that you can decide on which style to create for your site

3.14 Pillar Posts – Your Ultimate Content

This video outlines the importance of pillar posts, what they are and why you should have them. It also shows you how to determine what posts should be pillar


Pillar Post Example

3.15 Important Module Summary

This PDF Summarizes this important module and brings everything together to help you move forwards with what otherwise might be a bit complex if you are new to this kind of thing