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Welcome to Money Online Blueprint. In this module I introduce you to successful blogging. I also show you that successful blogging is far more than just writing some posts on a blog. I show you the outline of a blog money machine that has a blueprint structure to turn a typical blog in to a powerful income generation machine.

1.1 Introduction To MOB

This first video introduces Money Online Blueprint and is your starting point.



1.2 What is a Blog & Why You Should Create One

This video provides an outline of what blogging is and why it is such a good business model to get started in.

Building Blocks for Your Blogs Persona (PDF)

1.3 Building Blocks for Your Blogs Persona

Your persona is how your personality comes across and how you are perceived by your target audience. It is important that you come across well.

This document lays out some aspects you might want to think about regarding optimizing your online personality.


1.4 Successful Blogging Blueprint Examples

In this video I look in detail at a few successful bloggers blogs. I cover their traffic data. How they monetize and other interesting factors that you can adopt on your blog.