Money Online Blueprint

The Machine

This is the second “Fast Start Strategy Session”. In this coaching webinar we looked at The Machine. The machine is is your Money Online Blueprint components that enable your business to produce the ultimate in efficiency. There is a bit of work to get your machine set up, but when it is, your results to be maximized with least effort going forwards.

The purpose of the coaching is to provide you with a fast start overview of what is involved in setting up your Money Online Blueprint “Machine”. In addition to this, you will discover tips, advice and methods that may not be in the core training. However, this session is to be worked in conjunction with the core training and should not be taken as a substitute for it.


Within the session, we referenced The Niche Master software, and specifically the Key Phrase Calculator within the software. We also referenced the importance of using KWFinder, the keyword tool recommended for you to use for you to discover the main phrases to form your content for your niche site and your Pinterest boards.

Recommended Keyword Tool (Free 10 Day Trial):   KWFinder : –