Money Online Blueprint

Ready Built & Optimized Sites

The videos and detail below provide information about the ready built and optimized sites that I have made available to Money Online Blueprint members.

There are a number of different website designs that you can choose from. Each design has been built to the highest standard and are fully compliant to the following standards: –

  • Money Online Blueprint Training
  • Google Mobile First

All of the ready built sites are highly optimized to perform exceptionally well on all devices.

About The Ready Built Sites

The sites have been designed and created so that you can use any of them in any niche. All you need to do therefore, is to select the design you like best. So this is what you should do: –

Step 1: Check Out The Packages

Have a look at the various different packages by clicking the 3 links below. Navigate around the sites and have a look at the sites on which the ready built sites have been based on.

When you have made a decision on which site you like best from that. Watch the videos for each package that goes into detail about the specific website package so you can find out more about what you are actually getting.

Step 2: Decide How Many Categories You Need Your Site To Have

You will need to determine how many categories your site will have.

If you are not sure at this stage, you should NOT request your site yet. You should follow the Money Online Blueprint training to the point where you understand what niche you are entering and how many categories your site is going to have.

If you decide on a 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 category version site, you will need to have the exact number of categories to fill up. If later on, you want to add or delete a category, it will be a complex task (unless you are a web designer or well versed in WordPress web design). Therefore, if you are in any doubt about the number of categories, you should select the 1 category version of the site you want.

On the 1 category version sites, you can have as many categories as you want. The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or category means the way the site is structured and is the number of categories that show on the home page and or the number of individual category pages are in the site. The individual videos will explain this in detail.

Please take a look at the following packages. The details of each website is on a separate page, so click the links below for details: –

Package #1
Package #2
Package #3

Ordering Your Website Package

Once you have decided on which package website design you want and how many categories you need, you will need to complete the site request form below and submit it. We will then receive your request and we will come back to you with details and a link for you to download your website package: –