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Chris Cantell

Hello and welcome to the Money Online Blueprint members area. My name’s Chris Cantell and I would like to wish you the very best success in your blogging venture. I hope you are able to get a lot out of this training and that your dream becomes a reality.

About Money Online Blueprint

I would like to point out a few things to help you get the most out of your membership.

When you joined Money Online Blueprint, you received a lot more than just a training course. As a monthly subscribed member, you have access to the following resources: –

Core Training

Training that will continually be updated as and when necessary. That means this training will never be out of date or stop working.

Private Facebook Members Group

Guaranteed Member Approval of the Money Online Blueprint Private Facebook Members Group

Professional “Ready Built” WordPress Website

Professionally built and optimized sites built with the world’s most powerful premium theme “WP Optimal” (Go to the “Ready Built Sites” tab to see the list of site layouts available to choose from).

If you already have a website / blog, you can still use the WP Optimal theme to enhance the performance of your site or you can request that we do the theme change for you (which is what I would recommend). Full details for this are also on the “Ready Built Sites” page

Advanced Niche & Key Phrase Software

Niche Master software. This software is a powerful app that helps you determine the suitability of a niche that you are considering. It helps you discover a suitable niche and helps you find qualifying key phrases to build your site around to enable you to achieve maximum success

Specialist Internal Link Plugin

The Internal Link Master is a is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin. It is designed to automate the internal linking within the pages and posts of your site and helps increase their rank position and their visibility within the search engines.

You can get hold of the Internal Link Master by clicking this link .

Guest Post Software

Guest Post Assistant software. This app will help you find Free guest post opportunities in your niche. Guest posts are one of the main sources of authority linking that I recommend to help you rank in Google

Specialist WordPress Reference Modules

WordPress Reference Training Modules. You don’t necessarily need to go through these modules. However, they are provided so that you can have a reference resource to help you understand and utilize your WordPress platform. You will find some great training in this section and if you get stuck with WordPress at any time, you can refer to these modules.

Coaching Webinars

On-going Coaching / Training Webinars

Private Members Facebook Group

FacebookClick on the Facebook icon and join the Money Online Blueprint private Facebook Members Group.

Support Desk

Support DeskClick on the Support icon to send a ticket

Premium Services

In the Nav Bar, under “Software”, you will see a tab called “Premium Services”. In that tab you will find specific services that you can purchase if you like. You don’t have to have these, but they might be helpful for some people: –

Website / Blog Review Service

If you currently have a website / blog and you would like an evaluation. This service will provide this. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess for any
of the following: –

  • On Page Optimization Audit
  • Google Penalty Review
  • Strategy Review

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Consultation With Chris Cantell

This will include a 30 minute (or longer) consultation session with Chris Cantell to discuss anything about your blog, strategy or advice on the way forwards or any other business.

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