Money Online Blueprint

The Traffic Strategy

This is the 3rd and final “Fast Start Strategy Session”. In this coaching we look at The Traffic Strategy.

The Traffic Strategy is all about being smart and leveraging your efforts so that you get far more powerful results than your competition that are doing their own thing. The goal is to work smart and achieve best results with least effort

The purpose of the coaching is to provide you with a fast start overview of what is involved in driving traffic to your site and landing page/s.

In addition to this, you will discover tips, advice and methods that may not be in the core training. However, this session is to be worked in conjunction with the core training and should not be taken as a substitute for it.


Within the session, we referenced a software called Tailwind. Tailwind is the recommended software that can automate your Pinterest traffic which is a major part of the Money Online Blueprint Traffic Strategy.

Tailwind is a free software. However, the Pro Version is far more powerful and low cost, but you can start off with the free version and upgrade at any time. Here’s the link to get your Free Tailwind account: –

Pinterest Approved Automation (Free Software – Upgrade at any time)Tailwind : –