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Additional License For An Additional Ready Built Site

Congratulations! As you are looking at this page you will probably have already requested one of our “Ready Built Done For You” websites and you are now looking for a 2nd additional site / license.

Just so you know, there is a cost to us for each license we provide. For every WP Optimal theme we provide you as part of the “Ready Built Done For Your” websites, we have to pay an ongoing monthly fee, and as such, we have to cover some of that cost by asking you to set up an additional subscription.

The WP Optimal theme is costly and understandably so. It is an exceptionally versatile theme, but it is far more than just a theme. It is a WordPress framework that turns standard WordPress in to a slick machine.

The cost we are charging is a highly subsidized one. For just an additional $9 per month, you can get an additional “Ready Built Done For You” website that is ready licensed with the full payload that comes with WP Optimal. The $9 per month is a fraction the cost that you would pay for WP Optimal alone if you were to purchase outside of Money Online Blueprint.

How Do I Set Up An Additional Subscription?

Setting up an additional subscription is simple. Just click the “Subscribe” button below.

The next step after that will be for you to visit the “Ready Built Done For You” websites page under the Software & Bonuses tab in the Nav Bar and then order your “Ready Built Done For You” website by using and submitting the form on that page. We will then send you the website. You will be able to select from our range of sites that are based on these designs below

How Much Is The Additional Subscription?

The subscription cost is heavily subsidized as we have said above. You can get all the above for just $9 per month. Simply click the subscribe button below and complete your subscription.