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Core Training » Module 8

Traffic Magnet Master Strategy

This module is all about generating fast traffic. It is based on setting up what I call “Traffic Magnets”, which are social platforms. The strategy is to use these platforms in a particular way to enable you drive virtually instant traffic. This works as part of the whole traffic strategy as covered throughout modules 7 to 10 in this core training.

8.1 Introducing The Traffic Magnets

This video introduces traffic magnets, what they are and the reason why you should use them as a key factor in your traffic driving strategy

8.2 Creating a High Converting Facebook Page

This video goes into detail about setting up a Facebook page that is designed to enhance your brand, but to also work in conjunction with the next video in this module where you will be driving traffic from your Facebook page to your site and opt in landing page

8.3 How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Facebook

This video shows a powerful method to build a relationship and drive targeted traffic to your blog via your Facebook page. This is not a free method to get traffic, but it is an extremely low-cost way to build a relationship and drive traffic to your blog and your sales funnel. I strongly recommend that you set aside a budget to follow this strategy, even if it is a small one.

8.4 How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Instagram

In this video, you will discover how you can drive traffic from your Instagram page. This is an effectively free method that you can use.

8.5 Drive Traffic To Your Opt-in Page With Instagram Shout Outs

In this video, we follow on from the free Instagram traffic method and look at an effect, yet simple way to drive traffic using a great paid method. This is not Instagram Ads and as a result, costs less money to drive traffic

8.6 Creating a Traffic Funnelling YouTube Channel

This video also continues setting up your brand. I go into detail about why you should set up a YouTube channel. I don’t, however, show you how to set one up because there are a ton of videos on YouTube that show this.


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