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This module is all about how you should make money with your blog. It details how people typically make money and how much you could potentially earn based on real life examples. I also show you how to choose the method or way you make money from your blog.

6.1 How People Make Money from Their Blogs

In this video I show you how other people make money from their blog. This is a good way of looking at other sites and getting some insight to what might be working. You can look at other blogs in your niche and see how various different sites might monetize.


Reference Blog: Salt In Our Hair
Reference Blog: Backlinko
Reference Blog: Jeff Bullas
Traffic Data Site: Similar Web

Blogging Income Report (PDF)

6.2 Blogging Income Report

This manual looks into detail of real-life examples of what other people are earning from their blog. I have added this information to inspire you about making high levels of income from your own blog.


6.3 Choosing Your Method of Monetization

In this video I talk about how you should choose your method of blog monetization. I layout a number of different methods that I recommended together with methods that I recommend you don’t use.


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