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Business Model & Niche Selection

This module is about niche selection and how to go about selecting the right niche for your blog. It is very important that you pick a money niche for your blog. Money niches are where people spend a lot of money. If you pick a niche that isn’t in the top most profitable niches, you might not make much money with your blog money machine.

2.1 Deciding What Type Of Blog You Want

In this video I help you determine what type of blog you want to build. I am referring to how broad or targeted you want to go in a niche. I give reasons why you might want to go broad and why you might not, and I give reasons why you might want to go targeted and why you might not.

2.2 Selecting Your Niche

In this video I show you how you can determine if a niche is targeted or broader. You shouldn’t go broad. That is the first thing I want to say. Broad might be online marketing or food for example. Those niches are far too competitive and would take years to break in to with success. In this video, I explain why you should go a little bit broad or simply focused and targeted on a micro niche. I also show you how to determine if it is a profitable niche to enter.

DOWNLOAD The Niche Master Spreadsheet – (XLS)
(The Niche Master can be downloaded from the above link under video 2)

KWFINDER Keyword Tool

Please Note:

The KWFinder link above allows you to have a 10 day free trial of the software, so if you don’t already have it, you can take advantage of that.

If you already have a different keyword tool, I would recommend that you subscribe for at least 1 month to KWFinder to find your niche and also to use it for finding the best article titles. We will cover this in the next coaching webinar.

2.3 How You Make Money With Your Blog

In this video I continue to help you decide on which direction to go for selecting the type of blog (Targeted or Broader). I give you some income strategies to consider and basically layout the pros and cons. By the end of this module, you should know the direction you want to take, and you will need to know this before you continue with other modules in the training.