Refund Policy

Please know that we stand 100% behind our Guarantee.

Please note the terms of the guarantee as listed on the page from which you purchased, reproduced here:

Please note that as it says, “All we need to see is that you followed the training and that you carried out the simple steps.” We do indeed ask that. There is no refund offered outside these terms.

The reason is that the information in this training course is so insanely valuable – this course gives you the ability to build a successful blogging business and become financially independent. Very few people have that knowledge. We cannot possibly offer an unconditional refund on this sort of information and training. Once it is accessed, it is accessed. Occasionally, people will say “well I’m not going to use the information” or “I haven’t really looked” but we have no way of verifying this and, once purchased, the terms of the contract of sale have been fulfilled.

In the same way that we would never seek to change the contract of sale between us after the event (e.g. by saying ‘well actually we’re not going to give you access to the Facebook Group‘ or ‘we’re not going to give you any support unless you pay’) in the same way we ask that you respect the terms of the guarantee and refund policy which is part of the contract of sale.

Please respect and follow these terms, just like everybody else does.

How We Can HELP!

Rather than spend time on refunds we’d prefer to work with you to achieve your goals, which we will do. Please get back to us so that we can help you with whatever challenges you are facing. Our teaching works!

Let us help you make this year the year you break free!

We WILL work with you and deal with any dissatisfaction you might have!

Our goal is 100% positive, satisfied customers.

PayPal Disputes

Occasionally, our customers have decided to issue a PayPal dispute, thinking this an easy way to force our hand to refund the money. Sadly, this does not work. PayPal’s buyer protection policy does not extend to intangible products, and they will NOT award the dispute in the buyer’s favor in the case of Money Online Blueprint.

However please note that if you do choose to file a PayPal dispute, we will consider you in breach of contract and will remove all our obligations towards you, including our offer of help and support.

Nothing is gained for either of us in filing a dispute.


Let us help you and work with you. Nothing is solved by confrontation. Everything is solved with support. We will help you. We will not, however change the terms of our Guarantee and Refund policy after the sale.

Please let us know how we can help you achieve your goals!


All the best,
Chris Cantell