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Autoresponder Powerhouse

This module goes in to detail of setting up an autoresponder. It is based around the Aweber autoresponder.

If you have a different autoresponder or choose a different one, the set ups that we cover in this module will be similar, but the processes will vary from platform to platform.

I have provided a link to Aweber for you below video 1 that will let you set up a FREE Aweber account. It will remain free for you until you go over 500 subscribers which is an amazing deal

6.1 The Autoresponder & Why You Need One

This video is an introduction to why you need an autoresponder. It provides useful information on how to maximize its effectiveness in generation income for you by building your email list so that you can monetize it


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6.2 Creating Your Email List

List Setup is one of the more important videos in this entire module.
We cover an overview of the Home page, your list statistics, the importance of ‘swipe files’ as well as adding a custom header image to your list pages. Aweber says 600 pixels but we show you 800 pixels.

6.3 Global Text Snippets

Global Text Snippets is a cool automation feature that Aweber offers. I show an example of using Global Text Snippets for making some extra money with ‘in-message’ advertising

6.4 Webform Creation

In this video, I go through the 3 steps of creating the Web Form. Design, Settings then Publishing. Here I add the Web Form code to my demo car care website. All you have to do is watch then do – It’s that easy!

6.5 Customizing Your Webform

Once you have your Web Form installed on your site(s) you decide you need to make a change on some element of your form. Like the headline or the color or any change at all. This video shows you how to customize your form and like magic, the changes are instantly made on every page you have the form on

6.6 Setting Up Messages And Your Follow Up Campaign

In this video we look at the technical aspect of setting up your email follow up sequence. The video covers reasons why this is such an important step. The video also shows you the step by step process of setting up a follow up campaign

6.7 How To Use Tags & Segments

This video shows you how to use tags & segments. Creating segments is an important aspect of email marketing and this video shows you how to create various segments that can lead to increased profits

6.8 Aweber Backup List

Doing backups are an important part of all your online activities, and especially your email subscriber list. This video shows you how to do a backup as well as tips on organization and the contents of your backup files

6.9 How To Remove Inactive Subscribers

In video 6.8 I touched on active & inactive subscribers. In this video, I show you how to remove the inactive ones and why you want to remove them. (Hint – it has to do with analytics and money)

6.10 Aweber Statistics

The statistics of your messages will help you in your split testing which will help you improve your conversions which means More Money!

I show you where to find these nuggets of knowledge and a few other tips that will help you track the ‘good and the bad’ of all your messages – follow ups & broadcast messages.

6.11 Aweber Automation Tool

This video details an Aweber feature that anyone with a sales funnel needs to know about. How to automatically remove a subscriber from your ‘freebie’ list to your ‘buyers’ list

6.12 Essential Information About The Autoresponder

This PDF outlines important aspects of list management. List management is an important thing to carryout on a monthly or quarterly basis (depending on how often you email). Managing your list as explained in this manual will increase your deliverability rate and will make you more money from your list if you do this on a regular basis