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Core Training » Module 2

Winning Niche Selection

This module is an immediate follow on to module 1. Please don’t start this module until you have decided / determined the type of site you are going to build (I.E: Target Niche Site | Broader Niche Site | Mainstream Blog).

This module is an extremely important one and will determine the direction your business takes, so be sure to go through this section thoroughly.

2.1 Selecting Your Niche

In this video we look at the foundations of selecting a profitable niche regardless of which site type you will be building. The 5 niche groups are: –
Health & Fitness | Money & Finance | Lifestyle | Relationships | Other Specific Interests
The video covers important aspects to consider such as authority & monetization of the niche

2.2 How To Come Up With Niche Ideas

In this video we look at ways to come up with niche ideas. The purpose is to help students find ways to lead them to find a niche. The methods shown in the video are how to use Amazon and Ebay to find ideas


Amazon Product Categories
Amazon Book Categories
Ebay Categories

2.3 How To Determine If A Niche Is Profitable

In this video we look at how you can identify if a niche is a potentially profitable one. The video teaches to enter your niche into Google shopping to find shopping ideas. When you find a relevant product that fits the search, you should look further in Amazon to identify if the product is popular.

The next step is to identify if there are other affiliate products / services in your niche using a specific search string and also a list of affiliate market places

2.4 Niche Selection Summary

This PDF Summarizes the process of finding a niche as was covered in the previous video


2.5 How To Use The Niche Master Software To Select A Niche

In this video we look at how to identify different niches by using a software called KWFinder. This is a first stage identification to determine suitability of a niche. This video also introduces the Niche Calculator that is part of the Niche Master software.

Chris shows the entire process of going through a list of niches starting from any ideas you might have come up with from the previous video right through to digging deeper in to the niche and determining with the KWFinder software the initial suitability of the niche


KWFinder Software

2.6 How To Use Niche Master To Find Profitable Post Titles In Your Niche

In this video we look at how to identify different key phrases that fit with in the niche you will have selected by following the previous video on finding a suitable niche.

The video shows over the shoulder training using real examples of finding qualifying phrases and how you use KWFinder in conjunction with the Niche Master Key Phrase Calculator to determine qualifying phrases that you can use for your sites post titles / content


KWFinder Software

Key Phrase Idea Work Sheet

2.7 Money Posts & Informative Posts

This video covers 2 of 3 types of article type you need to do (money posts & informative posts). The 3rd is pillar posts which is covered in another video.

The video covers the difference between the two and why and when you would publish them. It also goes into the importance of having the main phrase in the post title, and emphasises the importance of having the phrase in the title of the post from a “rank on Google” perspective

2.8 How To Turn A Key Phrase In To An Attention Grabbing Post Title

This video covers aspects you need to ensure that your posts have such as your phrase being in the post title and also other important aspects to do with your post title such as the addition of “click incentivising” phrases such as “Best” & “Review” & “Rated” as well as suggestions on making your post seem the most comprehensive.

Also, an important thing to bear in mind with your URL and your permalink