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Core Training » Module 5

Lead Capture Mastery

This module is all about setting up your money machine to be able to attract and capture targeted traffic as your very own leads. This is an essential part of the business and the lead capture and how you use and communicate with your leads can make a huge impact on your potential income.

5.1 What Is A Lead Magnet & Why You Need One

This video introduces you to what a lead magnet is and why you need one. You will see some real examples of lead magnet opt in forms and examples of what you can put together as a lead magnet.


Free 500 Subscriber Aweber Autoresponder Account

5.1A What You Need To Know About The Autoresponder

This PDF is an introduction to an autoresponder and an email list. It covers fundamental reasons why you should set this up and provides you with a FREE account with the world’s leading autoresponder service


5.2 Creating Your Lead Magnet

This video provides an over the shoulder training of how you create an exceptionally high quality lead magnet that your visitors will want to have. You will learn how to create this lead magnet in the least time possible

5.3 Introducing Lead Capture & The Components

This video is all about your opt in form and your sales funnel. This set up is your delivery method for your lead magnet and your premium products. This funnel integrates directly with your autoresponder which I will cover in more detail within this module.

5.4 20 Top Opt in Form Examples

This manual provides 20 examples of converting opt in forms that other people have set up in their business.


5.5 Opt In Form Placement

This video is all about where you should place your opt in form. You should take close note of where to place your pop up. The header is the most important, but there are other locations you should also have your opt in form. This video covers locations on your site of where to have your opt in forms


Thrive Leads
Note: When you land on the page, scroll down and look for Thrive Leads

5.6 Delivering Your Lead Magnet

The delivery page is the page where the subscriber / customer provides the download links for the premium offer(s) and the lead magnet. This manual provides an example of how you should lay out your delivery page.


5.7 Creating Multiple Optin Forms

This video goes into detail about creating multiple landing pages. The purpose is mainly to be able to have different URLs to create Pinterest Pins with so you can post in Pinterest and maximize traffic due to a quantity of different Pin designs going to different URLs. The video shows you where you can get a free landing page software and how to best deploy the landing pages


Opt-in Page Builder WordPress Plugin
Lead Pages
Click Funnels

5.8 Introduction to Your Email List

This video is an introduction to an email list. The video outlines show the flow of visitors to your site / landing pages work their way through from subscribing to your lead magnet via your opt in form right through to how they end up receiving emails from you

5.9 The Email Sequence Blueprint

This PDF provides you with a suggestion of what kind of emails to send as part of an automated sequence. An automated sequence is triggered as soon as a subscriber opts in to your opt in form on your site or your landing page.

You don’t have to use this sequence. It is just an example to give you an idea. You can set up any sequence you want.


5.10 Example Soap Opera Email Sequence

This PDF introduces you to an email strategy that you can use as your immediate follow up. Once a subscriber has opted in, they will receive your initial welcome email, and then, you can present this “Soap Opera” email sequence if you wanted to use it.

This method of “email follow up” is particularly effective in helping increase conversions of your initial premium product.

The email sequence is entertaining, and it gives the subscriber the opportunity to get to know you.


5.11 Cloaking Your Affiliate Links

This video explains what cloaking your affiliate links means and why you should do it. It also provides you with a free plugin which will allow you to cloak your links


Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugin ( Betterlinks )