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12 Months “Done For You” SEO

Huge Announcement

I am now providing 12 months “Done For You” SEO to all subscribed members. This means that if you have just purchased Money Online Blueprint or you purchased it in the past, you can have me do 12 months of “Off Page” SEO for you to help rank your website posts on Google.

You will have to be a subscribed member to receive this powerful service. As a subscribed member, every month for a 12 month period, you will get ONE high quality post written by my team and sent off to be published on a high quality, high authority guest post blog.

Each post will be published on a different site so that your site benefits from unique refering domains. Each guest post we write and submit shall contain 1 x contextual anchor text backlink within the article that points to your niche website.

You will need to submit the details for this 12 months “Done For You” SEO service, by downloading and completing the form below. You can enter the details for all 12 posts and send the form back to us or, you can email the form several times over the 12 months ahead. All we ask is that you submit the same form that you sent to us previously so that we have a log of what you have previously requested.

The form you download is very simple to complete. The information we ask for is as follows: –

Please Note: If your niche is a complex or technical niche or one that our writers are not comfortable writing about because the subject is too hard for them, we may need you to write the articles that get published on the guest post sites. If this is the case, we will send you an email to let you know, and you can then write your article and email it back to us.