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Core Training » Module 4

Monetizing Your Machine

In this module we look at various ways you can monetize your site. You will discover the ways to maximize your income together with suggestions and various resources you can use.

4.1 How People Make Money from Their Blogs

This video provides examples of how bloggers are monetizing their sites. The video looks specifically at a Professional Personal Blog site and an Expert Blog site.

The purpose is to provide you with inspiration and ideas for ways you can add different forms of monetization to your site


Reference Sites: –
Salt In Our Hair
Jeff Bullas

Traffic Data Site: Similar Web

4.2 How Much Can You Earn From A Niche Site / Blog

This PDF looks in detail at a number of case studies of different blog sites of their income from month to month


4.3 Blogging Income Report

This PDF provides an outline of the amount of income you could expect to receive over time based on the 3 various site types: –
Targeted, Broader or Mainstream


4.4 Choosing Your Method of Monetization

This video looks at ways to monetize your site and looks at other site that some people have built and how they have monetized their sites


Site Where You Can Sell Your Blog: Flippa
Affiliate Policy Disclaimer Generator: Termly
Sponsored Content Example: Jeff Bullas
Paid Membership Site Example: Digital Marketer
Example of Selling Your Own Ebooks: Namadic Matt

4.5 Recommended monetization Resources

This PDF outlines ways, methods and platforms you can monetize your site with. It provides insight and direction to assist you to make the best choices in monetizing your site


4.6 Selling Your Niche Site / Blog

This PDF introduces the aspect of selling your Niche Site / Blog. It outlines the things you should have in place right at the beginning and provides a couple of the leading sites that let you sell your site on their platform.