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WordPress Training » Module 7

WordPress Maintenance

In this module we cover essential WordPress maintenance. Setting up a slick blog / site is important. However, it is just as important to ensure that it remains slick and high performing. This bonus module is all about how to keep your site optimized and performing well.

7.1 Introduction To WordPress Maintenance

In this video we introduce you to WordPress maintenance. We go over some of the items that we will be covering within this module

7.2 Full Backup

In this video we show the various ways to do backups including the “fool proof” backup method and why it is the best

Backing Up Your Site If You Are Using DreamHost To Host Your Blog

This PDF is for those of you that are going to host your blog on DreamHost. It shows how to back up your blog using the DreamHost backup feature or by using our recommended backup plugin.

This is PDF is not exclusively for DreamHost users, so I recommend that you take a look at the PDF anyway.

If you are still deciding on which host to use, here’s a link to DreamHost, my recommended host provider:

DreamHost Hosting


7.3 Backup Restoration

in this video we look at restoring a backup that’s you will have made from one of the previous videos

7.4 Site Testing Downtime

In this video we will demo the install and use of a maintenance mode plug-in

7.5 Child Theme

In this video recover what a child theme is and why it might be a good idea for your site maintenance process

7.6 Running Sight Tests

In this video will look at sight tests and create a baseline to see if anything requires fixing or just a tune-up

7.7 Page Speed Tests

In this video we look at a few different online page speed tests. These results prevent little speed issues from becoming big problems

7.8 Optimise Images

In this video we look at image optimisation. Image optimisation should be a normal part of adding images to your site this video shows how to find and fix the ones you have missed.

7.9 Update WordPress Core

This video shows the two types of core updates. We show you which ones you do immediately upon release and which ones you wait several days

7.10 Update Themes & Plugins

In this video we look at updating plugins and themes but also how to fix problems resulting from a bad update

7.11 Clean Up – Post Revisions

In this video we look at how to clean up post revisions and in particular how to minimise future database clogging revisions

7.12 Clean Up – Removing Unused Plugins

In this video we look at the maintenance step required for figuring out which (if any) of the plugins need to be removed and how to do it

7.13 Clean Up – Removing Unused Themes

In this video we show you how to clean up as well as ow to block future spam from even getting into your site

7.14 Clean Up – Clear Out Any Spam

In this video, we continue to look at the Yoast SEO plugin. We look at the Yoast Search Appearance Settings tab and specifically, what the “Archives” tab is all about.


 SQL Querrys For Spam Removal (PDF)

7.15 Malware Site Check

In this video you will learn the free and easy way to check your site for malware. this is an important step in your maintenance process

7.16 Replace The Salts

In this video we look at how to monitor if your website is up or not. We show you a free service that will monitor your site for uptime

7.17 Uptime Monitoring

In this video, we continue to look at the Yoast SEO plugin. We look specifically at the Yoast “Search Console” Settings tab. Be sure to follow this video closely. It links in directly with the Google Search Console.

7.18 Check For Broken Links

In this video we look at how to check to find out if there are any broken or dead links on your site and how to fix them

7.19 Optimise Database

In this video we look at how to optimise your database and why you need to this is another important step in the maintenance process of your blog

7.20 Review Error Logs

In this video we look at the different types of error logs and where to get them and what you do with them once you have them