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How to Make Your Site Fly

In this module we teach you how to make your site load really quickly. It is essential to have a fast loading blog. If your blog is slow to load, you will lose traffic and money. People can’t be bothered with a slow site and they typically exit if you have a slow site.

You should follow the training here and make it your aim to make your blog load as fast as you can. As well as losing visitors because of a slow site, you will also lose Google rank because site load speed is a ranking factor. The faster your site loads, the higher quality score you get which helps all your posts rank better in Google.

4.1 Why the Need for Speed?

Site load speed is a major ranking factor in Google and the other search engines. It is extremely important that you get your site to load as fast as possible. This video introduces you to site load speed.

4.2 Hosting for Speed?

In this video we cover the importance of getting a VPS host as opposed to a cheap shared host. It is important that you spend a little bit more on the VPS. Shared hosting can often be a nightmare.

We recommend that you go for a DreamHost VPS or Dedicated Server. The link to check it out is just below the video.


Recommended Hosting:

4.3 Speed Testing Tools – Introduction

In this video we introduce you to a number of free to use sites that allow you to test your sites load speed.

4.4 GTMetrics Tool

In this video we look specifically at GTMetrics Tool and how to use it.

4.5 Pingdom Tool

In this video we look specifically at Pingdom Tool and how to use it.

4.6 Page Speed Insights Tool

In this video we look specifically at the Page Speed Insights Tool and how to use it.

4.7 Website Pulse Tool

In this video we look specifically at the Website Pulse Tool and how to use it.

4.8 WebPage Test Tool

In this video we look specifically at WebPage Test Tool and how to use it. This tool can be specifically useful to find out information that we highlight in the image optimization part 2 video.

4.9 Image Optimization – Part 1

In this video, we introduce you to image optimization. This is an important aspect to get right. Poorly optimized images can drastically slow down your site which is something you don’t want to do.

4.10 Image Optimization – Part 2

In this video, we go into deeper detail regarding image optimization. We show you how to identify any images on a page that have poor performance. We show you how to optimize your images and get the images to peak optimization standard.

4.11 Web Caching Introduction

In this video, we introduce you to web caching. Caching is important to add to your site because it can significantly accelerate the sites load speed. There are things you need to be aware of though and caching is something you need to understand if you are going to apply it to your site.

4.12 Web Caching Plugin Install and Setup

In this video, we introduce you to a high quality, simple to use, free caching plugin.

4.13 Serve Scaled Images

In this video we introduce you to serving scaled images. We also recommend a simple to use free plugin which automates the processing of scaled images. This plugin is additional to the Kraken plugin and carries out a different function.

4.14 Gzip

In this video we introduce you to Gzip functionality. If you are using WP Fastest Cache plugin that we recommended in video 12 of this module, you can skip this video because Gzip is automatically coded in the plugin. However, if for whatever reason you are not using WP Fastest Cache and you want to manually add GZip, this video will show you how to add the code manually.

4.15 Minify and Concatenate

In this video we introduce you to minification and concatenation. In a practical sense, this terminology basically optimizes the code of the pages and posts on your site even further. We recommend an additional plugin to the WP Fastest Cache that is simple to use, powerful and free.

4.16 Render Blocking

In this video we talk about render blocking. We explain what it is and how it works. We show you step by step how you complete the set up and how you eliminate any render blocking errors and improve your render blocking scores on both desktop and mobile devices.