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The Content Blueprint

In this module, we start the fun part of blogging – The content. This module is such an important section of this training because the content is a main foundation of your business. It is the content that your visitors and subscribers are interested in, so if you can keep this and make it sensational, you will be able to build a sensational business.

4.1 Branding Yourself and Your Blog

The content starts with your branding. It is important that you establish a brand. Your brand is what makes you recognisable. People will associate your brand with the quality and content you deliver.


Outsourcing Site: Fiverr
Blog Example: Nomadic Matt

4.2 Creating a High Converting Facebook Page

This video continues the setting up of your brand. It also goes beyond simply setting up a Facebook page. It goes into detail about the specifics that you need which will tie in to further aspects of this training when I teach you in module 7 about driving traffic to your Facebook page.

4.3 Creating a Traffic Funneling YouTube Channel

This video also continues setting up your brand. I go into detail about why you should set up a YouTube channel. I don’t however, show you how to set one up because there are a ton of videos on YouTube that show this.


Sign Up For A Google Account: Google Sign Up
YouTube Monetization:

4.4 The Content You Deliver

In this video, I lay out the different types of post you can write, and I show you how to research and how to write top quality content that your visitors will love, and which Google will want to rank and provide guidance into which post types you should aim to write.


Example – Hobby Personal Blog:
Example – Professional Personal Blog:
Example – Expert Blog:
Example – Pillar Blog Post:
Example – Article Series:

4.5 How to Research Great Blog Post Content Ideas

In this video I show you a method of how to research post ideas in your niche that you can write about. I show you my process using Google, but you can also do the same process using YouTube, and that can give you some video ideas too.

4.6 How to Research Your Ultra Targeted Blog Post Content

In this video I show you a technique of how to create sensational posts. This method will probably produce more pillar posts than any other approach.


Keyword Research Tool: KWFinder