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WordPress Training » Module 8

Major WordPress Updates

In this module, we cover major changes to WordPress and show you the steps to to carry out procedures within those major changes

8.1 WordPress History

This video introduces some of the major changes that have come with the WordPress 5 update and specifically to the 5.4 update

WordPress Update 5.4

8.2 The Block Editor 5.4 Update

This video introduces details you should know about using the Block Editor

8.3 The Blocks

This video covers the new blocks that have been added to update 5.4 and how you use them

WordPress Update 5.5

8.4 Cosmetic Changes To WordPress 5.5

This video covers the new cosmetic changes to WordPress 5.5 that might cause confusion

8.5 The WordPress 5.5 Block Library

This video covers the WordPress Block Library and identifies new features found within version 5.5

8.6 The Other WordPress 5.5 Features

This video covers some of the other WordPress features found in version 5.5

WordPress Update 5.6

8.7 Important Information About Updating To New WordPress Versions

This video provides important information about updating to version 5.6 but also about updating to any major WordPress update

8.8 Changes To The Block Editor In Version 5.6

This video goes in to detail about changes that have been made to the WordPress block editor

8.9 What’s New In Version 5.6

This video looks at the major changes that WordPress has made to the platform in version 5.6