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The Blog Money Machine

This module is about setting up your blog website. It goes from the very start where you purchase your domain right through to showing you how you can make your blog look amazing and how you get it to perform on Google.

This module should be followed in conjunction with the main WordPress training modules that you can find in the NavBar. If you are new to creating a website / blog and you are not familiar with WordPress, you should follow all the training in the WordPress Training Modules. Even if you are familiar with WordPress, you should scan through the titles and select specifics.

3.1 Your Domain

In this video I show you how to decide on a good domain name and how you go about purchasing a domain and what to do if your ideal domain name is taken.


Domain Registrar Mentioned in the Video: GoDaddy
Shopify Domain Name Generator: Domain Name Generator

3.2 Hosting Your Domain & Blog

In this video I talk about the hosting of your blog. I have researched the hosting that provides the best value and show you the exact steps you need to do so that you can quickly set your hosting up. The link below takes you to the recommended hosting. Underneath the link below are the nameservers that you need to point your domain to the hosts server.


Recommended Hosting:
Recommended Host Nameservers:

Important - Read This

Once you have completed the set up of your domain and hosting and you have pointed your nameservers, it is time to install WordPress on your server. If you are not familiar with this process, you should now click on the WordPress Training Modules in the NavBar and go through the steps in all the videos.

Once you have followed those steps, you will have a highly optimized website / blog and you will have positioned your site to perform well on Google as a result of the WordPress SEO set up steps and also the speed optimization which also give your visitors a good user experience where your site loads quickly.

You will also have set up a high level of security on your blog, which is so important to do. Even if you are familiar with website optimization and all the plugins, you should follow the WordPress security training at least.

3.3 How to Make Your Blog Look Amazing

In this video I show you how you can come up with an amazing layout for your blog. This is probably the best way to determine what looks great and what also really performs as a money machine. Your blog has to look good, and it also needs to be laid out to perform as an optimized marketing platform. I will cover this in more detail as the training unfolds.


Search String to enter into Google to find examples of good potential blog layouts: “Internet marketing” + blog

3.4 Getting Your Blog to Perform on Google

In this video I show you how to optimize your posts so that you make them as highly tuned for the search engines as possible. To explain in a simple way, it is like an athlete training to be ready for an event. If the athlete is not in an optimized performance shape, he or she will not get the top-ranking scores to win the medal. It is exactly the same with your posts and I show you what is important to optimize in this video.


Keyword Research Tool: KWFinder

On Page Optimization Template (PDF)

3.5 On Page Optimization Template

This document is the document I go through in the video above (video 4). Download it for reference so that you can follow when adding the final optimization steps prior to publishing your posts.