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DIY Google Ranking Mastery

This module is all about applying effective “Off Page” SEO to your site in order for it to rank on Google. Ranking on Google does not happen over night and it doesn’t happen quickly. Google simply doesn’t permit it. However, if you apply this expert training, you can expect to rank on Google with least effort, but you will need to be patient. If you are patient, you can expect great results.

9.1 The Importance of SEO

In this video I explain why SEO is so important for your blogging business.

9.2 Overview of Backlinks and Anchor Text

In this video I continue talking about SEO. I explain what backlinks are together with anchor text. You need to become familiar with this if you are going to get Google traffic. This video and the next four videos look in detail at getting.

9.3 Importance of a Press Release

Press releases are a great way to gain exposure to your blog. It is also a low cost way to get a lot of backlinks to your blog from authority sites. This video looks deeper into the reason why you should do a press release for your blog.


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9.4 The Importance of Guest Blogging

In this video I introduce you to “Guest Blogging” and talk about why you should do guest blogging. Guest blogging is also known as “Blogger Outreach”. It is where you contact bloggers in your niche and write an article to go on their site. The strategy I teach shows you how you can find guest blogging opportunities that will give your blog exposure and provide you with same niche high authority backlinks that will boost your blogs visibility in Google and the other search engines.

9.5 Guest Blogging Work Sheet

This spreadsheet document is to help you manage the process of finding and processing your Guest Post / Blogger Outreach. This is the document as detailed in the video above:


Guest Blogging Work Sheet

9.6 Guest Blogging – Making Contact

This video is a follow on from the previous video. In the previous video I showed you how you can find other blogs in your niche that had good authority. Those were blogs that you should try to get a guest blogging opportunity secured. In this video, I talk about making contact with the blogger you are outreaching to.

9.7 Guest Blogger Contact Template

This template is for reference when you are ready to contact the blogger. This is the template I reference in the video above.

Incidentally, you don’t have to offer to do the ebook, but if you do, you may get a higher response rate. Also, if you do create the ebook, you can offer that same ebook to all guest posts webmasters, so you only have to create the ebook once:


Guest Blogger Contact Template

Guest Blogger Contact Template (TXT)

9.8 The Guest Post Assistant

This video introduces you to a software that is part of the Money Online Blueprint apps. You can find it under the “Software” tab in the Nav Bar. This video shows you how to use it

9.9 How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog from Forums

In this video I show you how to use forums to drive traffic to your blog. Forums are a great source of target traffic, because the people that hang out in those forums are typically passionate about the subject / niche.


Forum Traffic Work Sheet (XLS)

9.10 How to Get the Most Powerful Backlinks

In this video, I show you the ultimate method to get the most powerful backlinks from same niche sites, and best of all, for Free! This method will boost the authority of your site faster than any other method. This method works like no other for gaining visibility and rank in Google and the other search engines. There is effort involved with this method. However, I must emphasize that it is worth the effort. Also, you can outsource this method so that you can focus on building your blog.


Keyword Research Tool: KWFinder
Email Scraper Tool: Hunter
Email Marketing Tool: Mailshake

9.11 Email Script Template

This text document below under the resources heading is an email script template as detailed in the video above. Simply click on the link and it will open in a new tab so you can copy and paste for your use:


Email Script Template
Keyword Research Tool: KWFinder
Email Scraper Tool: Hunter
Email Marketing Tool: Mailshake

9.12 Power Post Research

This spreadsheet document is to help you manage the research for your power posts and is the document as detailed in the video above


Power Post Research (XLS)