Money Online Blueprint

Internal Link Master


The Internal Link Master Plugin is now ready for you to download.

We need to set your details up on the Internal Link Master database so that we can generate your license.

As a subscribed member of Money Online Blueprint, you get a 5 site license, which means you will be able to add the plugin to up to 5 different websites.

In order for you to get your license and login details to the Internal Link Master website so you can download the plugin, please enter your details in the form below. We will receive the notification and will then set your account up. As soon as we have done this, you will receive your login details where you can login and download the plugin.

Note: You will receive 3 emails once we have set up your account: –

  • Your login details
  • A receipt (You won’t be charged. The receipt is automated and the system assumes you have purchased it)
  • Your plugin license